Bump on lip

bump on lip

You may develop bumps on your lips due to allergic reactions, certain infections, and skin conditions. Bumps that do not heal or occur with other symptoms may require medical attention. Most people are not concerned about such bumps on lips as it is common, but they are not. Even though many of those lip bump attributes are harmless, some of them are associated with more serious conditions.

What are bumps on lips?

From an allergic reaction to oral cancer, there are many possible causes of lip bumps. Visually, lip bumps can range from red and irritated to flesh-toned and barely noticeable to anyone but you. Recognizing potential causes of lip bumps can help you determine if a condition is a cause for concern or simply a harmless skin variation.


Bumps on the lips can range in size, color, and texture. Causes may include acute and chronic conditions. Examples of causes include:

Allergic reaction

Bacterial infection

Canker sores or cold sores

Fordyce granules, which are harmless white spots

The possible causes of such swollen bumps on lips include:

Oral thrush

It is a fungal infection that occurs in the soft tissues of the mouth like lips, cheeks, tongue, etc. the fungus candida albicans is the main reason for oral thrush and it causes white patches, and redness over the flashy organs in the mouth when the fungus is overgrown.


Syphilis is a bacterial infection and it occurs in the genital. In certain cases, syphilis happens in the mouth. It exhibits discomfort in the initial stages and requires timely treatments else it leads to serious problems.


It is a white cyst that develops over the skin. This commonly occurs on the chin, cheeks, mouth linings, and lips. It occurs because of the accumulation of dead cells inside a pocket over the skin surfaces. It is a harmless condition and does not require medical treatment as it heals on its own.


It happens with the blockage of salivary glands. Sometimes, it occurs by biting the lip accidentally. However, it is not a harmful condition and goes on its own.

Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD)

It is a viral infectious condition that is common in children under 5 years. It exhibits various discomforts like appetite loss, rash on fingers, soreness and red spots in mouth, etc.

Perioral dermatitis

This is a skin condition similar to rash and it frequently occurs around the mouth. It has been found it occurs with allergic reactions triggered by certain cosmetic appliances and toothpaste containing fluoride for some people.

Oral cancer

In rare cases, lip bumps are occurred because of oral cancer. They occur because of the tumor growth on lips and mouth linings. Besides these, certain other factors that trigger swollen bumps on lips include lips dryness, oral herpes, canker sores, sunburn, and stress.

When to seek medical health

Seek emergency medical care if you experience the following symptoms along with bumps on your lips:

Bleeding on your lips that will not stop

Difficulty breathing

Sudden swelling on your lips

A rash that spreads rapidly

Make an appointment to see your doctor if you experience these symptoms:

Very painful bumps

Bumps that do not heal

Bumps that bleed

Bumps that worsen over time or seem to be enlarging

Jaw swelling

A soft, white patchy area on your lips

Tongue numbness

How are bumps on lips diagnosed?

A doctor will conduct a health history when you seek medical treatment. Your doctor will likely ask if you have risk factors for lip bumps, such as smoking, sun exposure, taking new medications, or any allergens you may have been exposed to.

A physical examination typically follows. A doctor will look at your lips, teeth, gums, and the inside of your mouth and ask you about your symptoms. You may be asked when you first noticed the bumps, your pain level, and any changes you may have noticed.

Your doctor may recommend further testing, including:

Taking a blood test to detect viruses or bacteria

Testing the skin cells( by a biopsy ) for the presence of cancer

X-ray, CT scan, or MRI imaging to view the mouth and jaw to detect abnormalities

In the cases of minor infections, like thrush or oral herpes, a doctor can often make a diagnosis solely through a visual examination.


Treatment for bumps on the lips depends upon the case. Doctors can prescribe medications to treat infections. These include antifungal or antiviral medications along with antibiotics. Allergic reactions and dermatitis may be treated with antihistamine medications to reverse inflammatory reactions. These can include pills, to reduce discomforts.

While some conditions such as canker sores and oral herpes can be treated, they can’t be permanently cured. You may get them again at a future time.

Oral cancer can involve more extensive treatments, like surgery to remove the cancerous lesions. Further medications and radiation treatment may be needed to prevent the cancer from spreading.



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