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Relief Factor

Describe relief factor

The Relief Factor is an anti-inflammatory supplement that claims to provide relief to some of the most common body pain. It is also used for chronic pain. It is 100% drug-free and composed of all-natural botanical ingredients and fish oils that have been scientifically studied for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities. It may be helpful for individuals with arthritis, a condition characterized by inflammation and pain in the joints.

Is Relief Factor snake oil?

Does Relief Factors live up to the promise the manufacturers make? Or is this another snake oil product disguised as a solution looking to sell you a dream? We wouldn’t go so far as to call Relief Factor snake oil because it does not contain products known to help with joint pain. However, the modest ingredients list simply doesn’t have enough power behind it to sell us on the fact that Relief Factor is for real. There’s a reason the dosing is so high (four pills per day), as supplements like these do work better the longer they’re taken. However, in the case of Relief Factor, something tells us it would take a lot, over a long period, to experience minimal pain relief. Our opinion of the relief factor is even more concrete when you consider the pricing.

Relief Factor Calm

Relief Factor Calm is a daily supplement to help you sleep and manage stress better by preventing damage from high cortisol levels. High cortisol levels, caused by stress, can impair body functioning and the central nervous system and lead to increased body tension.

Relief Factor Calm includes the following ingredients:

Passionflower (350mg)

Passionflower, a traditional medicinal herb native to the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Oceania has been demonstrated in numerous studies effectiveness in treating insomnia, supporting a healthy nervous system, and easing tension.

Phosphatidylserine (150mg)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) plays a key role in cell cycle signaling, helping the body moderate high cortisol levels and supporting brain function, memory, and focus.

Relief Factor energy

Relief Factor energy is a daily supplement promoting energy, improving circulatory function, and supporting your body’s nutrient use. Rife with B vitamins, caffeine, and taurine, it offers a daily boost without the jitters of overconsumption of coffee or energy drinks. Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients in Relief Factory Energy.


B vitamins include a group of eight water-soluble vitamins that perform an essential role in cellular functioning and are particularly effective in impacting numerous aspects of brain function including energy production.

Relief Factor’s B-complex includes:

12.5 mg Thiamin (vitamin B1)

12.5 mg Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

12.5 mg Niacin (vitamin B3)

12.5 mg vitamin B6

167 mcg DFE Folate

12.5 mcg vitamin B12

12.5 mg biotin

12.5 mg pantothenic acid

12.5 mg Choline 

12.5 mg PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic-Acid)

12.5 mg inositol

Caffeine powder (50 mg)

It’s not a surprise that caffeine has a significant impact on energy, as many of us rely on that trusty cup of coffee to wake us up each morning. Relief Factor Energy’s daily dosage of caffeine is equivalent to about half a cup of coffee.

Taurine (750 mg)

Taurine is an abundant amino acid that promotes physical performance, improved recovery, and muscular efficiency. It is an effective therapy against congestive heart failure and is currently undergoing studies for its use in treating diseases of the muscles, central nervous system, and cardiovascular system. Learn more about MCT Wellness.

Does Relief Factor Work?

The Relief Factor is an effective, drug-free product with scientifically backed ingredients shown to reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis, muscle, and joint aches, and other discomforts associated with aging. In our testing, we completed the 3-week quickstart program and an additional month of Relief Factor and found the results impressive. While none of our testers suffer from severe chronic pain, most struggle with minimal to intermediate chronic pain daily. After completing the 3-week quickstart regimen, most of our testers were convinced of Relief Factors benefits, having experienced increased mobility, fewer pain episodes, and better sleep as a result. 

I am a medical student. I researched the Relief factor and I realized that it’s useful for joint pain.

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