Sexual frustration

Sexual frustration

Sexual frustration refers to the feeling that someone’s needs are being unmet while it is not tied to any specific official, medical diagnosis, many people use it to describe feelings of emptiness or dissatisfaction during or at the thought of sex

Maladaptive ways






Regardless of your sexual orientation, gender ethnicity, or relationship status sexual frustration can emerge in the same is a natural and normal response in adults.

Cause of sexual frustration

Sexual frustration stems from a variety of factors. 

For example, a fight with a partner can spill over into the bedroom and cause sexual frustration. Low libido can sometimes throw off the bedroom’s preestablished dynamic, resulting in misaligned sexual desires that may need to be overcome. Learn more about how to reduce weight loss.

Other causes of cause frustration may include the following

Internalised stigma

Lack of physical intimacy

Stress and burnout

Trauma from a past sexual partner

Relationships problems 

In most cases, sexual frustration is not a primary condition that needs to be addressed. People who feel sexually frustrated may be dealing with negative events -either internal or external – in their lives that are severely affecting their views and desire for sex.

Signs of sexual frustration

The symptoms someone may experience when feeling sexually frustrated vary depending on the person and their situation. Everyone with a sexual desire has likely felt some degree of sexual frustration in their lifetime with some people experiencing it more frequently than others.

Here are some commonly reported signs and symptoms of sexual frustration;

Frequently fantasizing about sex 

Tension or irritability 

Engaging in unhealthy coping skills

Aggression [in extreme cases, violence and or crime]

Compulsive or hypersexual behaviors 

“seeking revenge’’ against targets that are the believed source of the frustration 

Displaced frustration on targets with no connection to the frustration

Hypertension for women

Depression or anxiety for men 

If you’re still struggling to regain focus

Tried the above, but still have all these feelings that you don’t know what to do with. It’s time to bring in the pross. A sex and relationship therapist is a good idea if you’re struggling with sexual shame, sexual impulses, and sexual frustration. Same goes if you are looking for someone to go to with your boo. To get information about FUPA.



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